Mrs A's
Pole Dance Boudoir 

Here you will find as many pole moves I can think of and many I have made up.  That's the great thing about pole- there are so many and new ones being discovered all the time. They are divided by body areas, and within each group various levels. Fill your boots'! 

Here  are stretches I start my lessons with. Remember to really elongate your limbs and hold the poses for a minimum of 1 minute. 

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Various ways to build your strength using the pole. Many of these exercises include pole moves and can be used as pole moves, links in routines. Various levels 
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Floor fillers to link moves in routines, give you chance to breathe, add a dance element and perfectly finish off moves especially those where you and on the floor. Various levels 
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Get ready to feel those thighs burn pole queenettes. All these moves concentrate on your thighs using them for grip for cheekier cheeks too and we all want them!  Various levels 
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Various ways to get inverted . All levels 
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Various ways to dismount from the pole to the floor. Various levels 
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Head. Stands and hand stands. Various levels

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Moves involving grip with the inner knee of your right 'leg (Gemini leg) and right leg (Scorpio leg) various levels
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Moves using maximum body grip apposed to hands or feet to create beautiful pole moves. Various levels 
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Upright moves dangling off the pole in various ways using your arms. Various levels. Hopefully these will inspire you to do your own leg variations-there are loads and these are just a few!
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Moves involving the flag arm grip where you squeeze the pole snugly between your armpit and side. Various levels. Hopefully these will inspire you to do your own leg variations-there are loads and these are just a few!
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Both inverted and up wright moves of all levels involving a twisted grip where your strong arm (arm you normally lead with/ have at the top in a spin) in twisted around the pole when placed . It's a safe grip when mastered but can feel odd and uncomfortable at the start 
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Various moves involving gripping with your elbows or armpits. Historically difficult and painful
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Moves for those blessed with flexibility- moves involving the splits/ extended split leg positions . Various levels 
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Bow and arrow moves which are inverted moves facing away from the pole that use either your hands or elbow as the main grip. Historically difficult 
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Shoulder mount moves where you invert using grip and strength from your shoulder and core to invert. Difficult moves involving lots of core strength. Probably the most rewarding to master. It took me over a year but it's different for everyone and I strongly suggest you start trying from day one with sm dangles and floor work to get used to the grip and pain! 
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Various brass monkey variations of all levels- moves that involve inverted dangles facing away from the pole gripping with your inner right knee (gemini leg) historically difficult
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Difficult moves involving bending your back around the pole. Do with caution- warm up and stretch 1st and make sure you devote time to back stretch and strengthening exercises before attempting and during your project to master theses
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Considered difficult, here are moves where you are totally suspended inverted hanging from your foot. Scary but worth it!
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