Mrs A's
Pole Dance Boudoir 

Ensuring you are properly prepared for pole is so important and will ensure your pole dance session is safe, enjoyable and that you get the best out of your time and your body.  It will also help you build strength and improve your flexibility, which in turn will mean you have better results and a bigger smile! You will master amazing moves with complete control and build stamina for impressive pole dance routines!  All my students get their very own pole Boudoir stater pack to help them get started. These include details on the below, handy stretch card prompts useful for when you are at home, and wish list cards to help them focus on their training.

All kitted out!
What to wear?....

It is important that you have the right kit and thankfully if you plan to train or learn in a professional studio  what you will need will not cost you much at all.  

Simply make sure you have some comfy close fitting shorts - you don't  want any embarrassing flashing to take place. A comfy sport bra to keep everything in place and allow you to reveal your stomach for when moves benefit from this contact on the pole. You can wear a vest on top for the rest of the time if you prefer , but make sure your armpits and shoulder skin is not covered up- you will need them!  Over time and with confidence, plus more advance pole move mastering- your pole getup will get smaller- everyone's always does! 

My favorite pole wear brand is Dragonfly! 

I have tried lots of different sports wear brands trying find the perfect pole wear. Something comfortable, revealing enough to stick to the pole but not so much that you end up flashing people. Wear that stays where  it is supposed to and does not need adjusting . Wear that is comfy and you feel good in it. Well I found it - Dragonfly yoga and pole wear. These of some of my recent purchases but they do so many options, styles, colours. Mix and match and treat yourself. The fabric is so soft and they wash and last really well. 


What not to wear- getting good grip!...

it is not advised to wear body lotion the day you train as it can effect your grip when you start to sweat. You can also buy grip aids to support when you just do not seem to have any and frustrations run high.  There are so many out their from sprays for the pole, chalks, waxes and serums. My advice would be to try a few and see what works best for you! You may find you need a couple of options for different occasions.  My favourite is a wax grip that stops your hands from sweating. Additionally  I use a liquid chalk for when I try new scary moves and want extra Dutch courage!

Getting your own pole..

Buying a a pole is seriously costly. They are not cheap and need to be fitted properly. They come in static and dual static and spin, various widths and various metals. You can even get them matt  now for extra grip! My advice would be to duplicate the one you have been training on with your instructor as you are familiar with it and have learned to love it. The easiest to fix as those that stay in place due to pressure- pushing against both your ceiling and floor. These types can be put up almost anywhere too! Try to buy new and if you want a bargain 2nd hand one, try to see it first so you can check it is not damaged. 

Sexy flexi and super stretched!

Making sure you stretch your entire body before your workout is so vital as you will be using most muscle groups each time. Stretching not only warms your muscles up ready to work out but it increases your flexibility which will help you master your moves. The harder moves tend to be those requiring super flexibility and believe me they can be frustrating. Strength is easier to gain as is fear to overcome, while flexibility takes real longer term commitment and for most of us can be a struggle.

My advice start putting as much dedication to this as you do to learning your pole moves. You will benefit dramatically in the long term and master some of the most impressive moves most can only dream of!

My lessons always start with 15 minutes of stretching  and these can be found in my "let your body move" section.

Pillar of strength and serious strong!

With your super flexible body your muscles are ready to be worked out and getting strong muscles is key in pole. Every time you work on moves both new and mastered you will get stronger and stronger. This will be both a physical result and in your appearance as your body becomes more toned and sculptured. Typically pole dancers have visibly strong shoulders and arms, and develop impressive core strength and thigh strength. It really is an all body workout. As you would expect- more difficult moves require more strength and this is something you need to build up. 

In my lessons I get my students to do 15 mins of pure strength boosting exercises after stretching, focusing on their core, shoulders and arms.  It's important to mix this up a little each lesson.

You will find some strength exercise ideas in my 'Let your body move' section.