Mrs A's
Pole Dance Boudoir 

Anna Pole Queenette 
I was a complete pole virgin last year when I started with Mrs A and was apprehensive as to whether I would enjoy it/ be able to do any of it after seeing some of the amazing photos...but I've loved every minute of it! I used to do a lot of dance so I knew I would enjoy the flexibility/dance aspect but I struggled at first with the strength needed to do lots of the moves. Mrs A was so helpful and encouraged me a lot in the early stages and although I found it tough she always made the lesson so fun and made me leave having conquered something!

I'd advise anyone who is thinking of a new exercise to take up to consider pole dance. It's such hardworking and challenging strength/cardio wise like going to the gym...but so much more fun. I would 100% recommend Mrs A for any beginner like me as her classes feel like such a relaxed encouraging environment and you will get such a sense of achievement when she helps you tackle one of those tricky moves! She is very good at explaining new moves and helping you to grasp how to master certain things. Give it a might realise you love it just like I did :).
Claire Pole Queenette
Pole and I go back a few years as do Ang and I! Back in the early days we would attend classes in Nottingham and whilst we both enjoyed it, the difference between different instructors that we had was vast. I subsequently stopped having lessons for a couple of years.

Then came Jan 2014... back to pole with Mrs A but in a fun, friendly and safe environment. I can not rate Angela highly enough! Her style of teaching not only got me to the level I was previously.. faster... but I became far more advanced!
Ang's style is totally flexible around you. She had a very special way of explaining each move so it is easy to understand. We even get the opportunity to put the moves together and recently we did a photo shoot which I am really proud of.

I've always been a gym goer but pole is so much more fun and more effective. The only reason I have stopped lessons recently is because I'm pregnant with my first child but I can't wait to get back to it!

Thank you Mrs A for the chance you gave me to get back into something I love! If anyone is thinking about taking up pole, Mrs A's Pole Dance Boudoir is the place to be!
Natalie Pole Queenette
I love Pole ..........and that is testament to Mrs. A!!
For me it’s the only way I can stay fit without being bored and giving up!  
Ang plans lessons in such a way that without realising I have been able to perform what I thought were unthinkable moves giving me a massive sense of pride and achievement. The fact that you use not only your physical strength but sometimes mental strength also helps me focus, relax and un-wind.  
A big massive beyond words thank you Mrs. A!!!
Becky Pole Queenette
‘I have been pole dancing now for just over two years and started having lessons alongside Ang when I started. Even when we were attending private lessons with another teacher Ang’s natural flair and ability to teach was apparent. Right from the get go; she was always there to help and encourage me and always did so with the biggest smile on her face. There is no way you cannot be motivated when you’re being taught by Ang; she is really understanding and listens- she has a way of breaking things down and adapting her teaching to people’s different learning and training abilities.
I have been having private lessons now with Ang alongside a couple ladies twice a week for the last year and cannot recommend it enough. The studio is absolutely beautiful and you can’t help but be motivated and excited by all the pictures on the walls which show what you can achieve and the things that can be done. We are all at different levels within the group but it works really well. We are able to warm up and down as a group and can adapt these exercises based on our experience and flexibility. Ang has then devised a workbook of all the different moves and spins that can be done and achieved so we all have different goals that we are working towards. We have also spent time choreographing our own routines to incorporate what we have learnt and then put some time aside to film our achievements so we have a memory of it.
The best thing about coming to Ang’s is no matter what the circumstances; you may be tired and have had a long day, you may be struggling with your grip, you will always walk away happy that you have achieved something – learnt a new move, perfected something you have been working on. Ang is so dedicated to her teaching; she will ensure that you enjoy it and that you always walk away with a big smile on your face. Pole has been amazing for me- the best thing about it is it is so fun; you are exercising really hard and have the best full body exercise you could dream of but you will be laughing and smiling through it; I certainly don’t laugh and smile my way when jogging or on the treadmill!! For any polettes considering tying it; do it- you will never look back and it will increase your confidence no end plus every girl wants to be able to dress up and feel sexy don’t they?!’